Revive the Reef
at Vivid

Qantas is shining a light on the Reef
and how we can give it a fighting chance.


Qantas and Tesla

In a world-first, a Tesla Model X
successfully towed a Qantas Dreamliner.


We're celebrating 10 years
of offsetting

In 2007 Qantas launched its carbon offsetting program.
We are now the largest offsetting airline in the world.


Protecting the

Carbon offsetting helps protect
precious wildlife habitats


Preserving virgin

Offsetting helps protect pristine
rainforests and ancient cultures

Carbon Offsetting at Qantas

We understand the impact air travel has on the environment, and that’s why we’re committed to finding ways to help make a difference.

Since 2007 Qantas Future Planet, with your help, has offset over 3 million tonnes of carbon emissions, making us the largest offsetter of any airline.

What is Offsetting?

Air travel is a fast and convenient way for us to cover long distances but the planes we fly on release greenhouse gas emissions, which are shown to have negative effects on our natural environment.

We’ve calculated the fuel emissions for each route we fly so you can easily offset your share, helping to counter these effects by supporting projects that affect real change.

100% of your contribution goes towards verified carbon offset projects that meet strict international standards, including the Verified Carbon Standard and the Gold Standard. These projects collectively help mitigate environmental impact and nourish communities.


1. Calculate

Calculate the emissions impact that your flights will generate.

2. Contemplate

Choose to protect forests, support developing communities or renewable energy.

3. Celebrate

Feel good about cleaning the climate and creating a sustainable future.

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Offset Projects

Reinvigorating Indigenous Traditions

Through our Qantas Future Planet business partnerships, we support the North Kimberley Fire Abatement Project. The North Kimberley area of Western Australia is prone to extreme wildfires. This project is managed by Indigenous land owners in the North Kimberley who are reducing emissions through traditional fire management techniques.

By conducting early season dry burns, uncontrolled wildfires are prevented; improving the health of country and avoiding the release of emissions.


Empowering Rainforest Communities

The April Salumei project in Papua New Guinea is home to 163 local communities who depend upon the rainforest for their livelihoods as they have done for hundreds of years.

The rainforest supports an array of wildlife and ecosystems and is considered one of the ten most important biodiversity hotspots on earth. Papua New Guinea in itself contains over 5% of the world’s biodiversity in less than 1% of the world’s total land area.


Conserving Tasmania’s Wilderness

Tasmania is home to one of the world’s last great temperate wilderness areas and is renowned for its unique species, biological diversity and the country’s largest tract of temperate rainforest.

This carbon offset project protects over 7000 hectares of native Tasmanian forest which would, if not for the project, continue to undergo selective logging or be cleared and converted to pasture.


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