Commonly asked questions about carbon offsetting 

Q: How does flying effect the environment?
A: When we fly, the fuel our aircraft burns emits carbon dioxide gas. Increased amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from human activity is strongly linked to climate change and will have significant negative effects on our planet.

Q: What happens when I choose to offset?
A: We calculate how much carbon dioxide your flight emits into the atmosphere, and then use your contribution to pay an offset project to remove the same amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, or prevent it from being emitted in the first place.

Q: Do Qantas profit from this program?
A: All of your contributions to our offset program are used to purchase carbon offset credits.

Q: How do I know my money is being used appropriately?
A: We only purchase from third party verified carbon offsets, accredited under the National Carbon Offset Standard (“NCOS”). We go beyond the requirements of our accreditation by measuring the social as well as the environmental impact of our offset projects.

Q: How do we calculate the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere from your flight?
A: See our National Carbon Offset Standard (“NCOS”) Public Disclosure Statement. This document provides the calculation method in full detail.

Q: How do carbon offset projects work?
A: There are a wide range of offset projects, varying in their methods to reduce or prevent carbon emissions, some examples include:

  • Reforestation – re-introducing carbon absorbing plant life to areas stripped by development.
  • Renewable energy – replacing polluting energy sources with more efficient or carbon neutral ones.
  • Habitat conservation – supporting communities and farmers to keep natural habitats intact instead allowing deforestation to occur.
  • Fire abatement – using controlled burning techniques to reduce the chances of wildfires.

Q: Why don’t Qantas offset their travel?
A: We do! Qantas offsets all its staff’s business travel through our offset program, it’s all part of our target to achieve carbon neutral growth by 2020.

Q: What is the Qantas Group doing to address climate change beyond offering carbon offsetting to customers?
A: Qantas Future Planet, our flagship program for our environmental initiatives, is made up of six key areas of focus, from fuel efficiency, to sustainable products. You can read about them all at

Q: Do you have more questions?
A: You can contact us via email