Carbon Neutral Kangaroo Island FAQ

What does it mean for Qantas to support plantings on Kangaroo Island to offset emissions?

Qantas is supporting the plantings on Kangaroo Island by purchasing the offsets they generate as they become available to offset emissions from Qantas direct flights servicing the island. Our existing portfolio of carbon offsets will be used in the meantime to make all flights carbon neutral from launch.

What is meant by carbon neutral destination?

Kangaroo Island is Qantas’ first carbon neutral destination. This is the first time we will fully offset the direct flights servicing a tourism destination to which we fly.

Why should people be encouraged to tick the box to offset?

As only Kangaroo Island direct flights will be offset, customers are encouraged to offset their other flights with Qantas. Customers who elect to purchase carbon offsets for Kangaroo Island direct sectors will be contributing to carbon positive outcomes, beyond carbon neutrality to enhance the environmental outcome.