Qantas presents

the Reef

25 May - 16 June 2018

6pm - 11pm

The Rocks

The Great Barrier Reef.
It’s a natural treasure unlike any other place on earth.

At Vivid Festival in 2018, Qantas is shining a light on the Reef and the tangible things we can all do to give it a fighting chance.

Our Great Barrier Reef. Beautiful, irreplaceable... under threat.

When we see the pictures of bleached coral on our screens, it’s easy to feel like the problem is too big, and not see ourselves in the solution.

Everyone's actions though - big and small - are vital to the Reef's future.

Some of the brightest minds are focused on decoding the secrets of the reef and solving the pressures that threaten it. Each day, new solutions are being discovered.

In our day-to-day life there are things we can do too - catch the bus to work, install energy efficient light globes, or tick-the-box to Fly Carbon Neutral when we book a flight.

Combined, our little actions add up to a big impact.

In Revive the Reef, step into a magical underwater landscape and work with friends and strangers to unwind the pressures threatening the Reef.

With each turn of the handle on illuminated coral, your surrounds will transform from bleached white to a kaleidoscope of colour.

As you work together with your newfound community to bring life to the Reef, you’ll be immersed in an explosion of colour and real Reef sounds - a magnificent celebration of our Great Barrier Reef.

When you tick-the-box to Fly Carbon Neutral, your money goes directly to incredible projects along the Reef coast, like the Babinda Reef Project.

The inspiration behind Revive the Reef is the The Babinda Reef Project - a new carbon offset initiative that is improving water quality and reducing stress on corals and the Reef.

Declining water quality is one of the most significant threats to the Reef. When land is cleared for farming, nature’s greatest water filters – trees – are removed. Chemicals can easily flow off farmland, through rivers, into the Reef.

Sixty minutes from Cairns and just 20km upstream from the Great Barrier Reef, The Babinda Reef Project is rebuilding wetlands and replanting endangered rainforest, allowing them to naturally filter water before it reaches the Reef.

As well as improving water quality, the project is restoring critical habitat for unique native wildlife including the endangered Southern Cassowary and more than 70 threatened flora and fauna species.

The Babinda project is an innovative partnership between leading Australian conservation-for-profit investor, GreenCollar, and Liz Owen and Yidinjii Aboriginal Elder Dennis Ah-Kee and their organisation Jaragun Natural Resource Management.

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Revive the Reef is your chance to get hands-on with art at Vivid. Work with
friends and strangers to unwind the pressures threatening the Reef.

Revive the Reef is on display at The Rocks, adjacent to the MCA
Lights on from 6 - 11pm every night, 25 May - 16 June 2018

Fly Carbon Neutral

When you tick-the-box to Fly Carbon Neutral with Qantas, your money goes directly
to projects making a real difference to our future planet. This includes
incredible projects along the Great Barrier Reef coast, improving
water quality and reducing stress on corals and the Reef.

If you want to carbon offset flights but didn’t tick-the-box
when you booked them, it’s not too late, you can offset them now.