Revive the Reef

The Great Barrier Reef. It’s a natural treasure unlike any other place on earth. Beautiful, diverse, irreplaceable… under threat.

At Vivid Festival in 2018, Qantas is shining a light on the Reef, and the tangible things we can do to give it a fighting chance.

When you tick-the-box to Fly Carbon Neutral with Qantas, your money goes directly to projects making a real difference to our future planet. This includes incredible projects along the Great Barrier Reef coast, improving water quality and reducing stress on corals and the Reef.

Inspired by these carbon offset projects, Revive the Reef invites visitors to step into a magical underwater landscape and work with friends and strangers to unwind the pressures threatening the Reef.

As you work together with your newfound community, you’ll be immersed in an explosion of colour and real Reef sounds – a magnificent celebration of our Great Barrier Reef.

Revive the Reef will be showcased at Vivid Festival in Sydney from 25 May – 16 June 2018.

You can also help by offsetting your next flight. Just tick the box when you book or you can offset now!